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Dec 2014

hope you all are already giving thanks each day and that you are preparing to celebrate
Jesus' birthday.  I have been seeing a challenge on face book for people to list things they
are thankful for over a few days.  I think we all should do that every day, for we have so
much in this country.  We have religious freedom (although it seems we are losing
ground in that area), we can travel where we wish and most of us have plenty to eat and
clothes to wear.  Our very poorest homeless people have more than the majority of the
world.  Most of all we have Jesus to walk with us each day.  I feel extremely blessed to
have my wonderful family.  The list could go on forever, but we should at least have one
thanks each day.  That is my challenge to you for the coming days and years.

Dale and I decided to celebrate our 50th anniversary early (just in case we weren't able
next year), so the tow of us and Dale's brother Kent and his wife Patsy did a Viking River
Cruise.  It was quite an adventure.  We flew to Budapest, Hungary and left from there and
sailed to Amsterdam, Netherlands.  It was a beautiful trip as we traveled the Danube
River and went through lots of locks that helped us get over the mountains to the Rhine
River.  We stopped at cities along the way and tour guides told us lots of history.  It made
me realize again that God made a beautiful world; it is just a shame that mankind has to
mess it up with war and fighting all the time.  It was a trip of a lifetime!

Hope you make many happy memories over Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Love till next time...
Gilda Riddle