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History of the Riddle Evangelistic Association

Early Years

The Dale and Gilda Riddle Evangelistic Association was founded in August 1977.  Dale
and Gilda both finished Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and Dale had been
pastor of a church in Texas for four years.  Sensing God's call to the ministry of
evangelism they moved back to North Carolina and established the Riddle Evangelistic

First 10 Years

For the first ten years of their ministry the Riddles traveled as a family with the children
participating in the music end of the ministry.   When they began the work, their daughter
Tamson was 4 years old and their son Morgan was 4 months old.  Tamson began
Then she was 4 and regularly sang at every event in which the Riddles participated.  
Morgan sang for the first time at age 3 and soon after he, too, began participating in each
service by singing.  Dale preached and he and Gilda sang, also.

Tamson and Morgan were taught by their parents using Calvert Correspondence School.  
Gilda taught Tamson through 8th grade and Dale taught Morgan through  5th grade.  
Tamson decided she would like to attend public high school, so after 10 years of traveling
and ministering Gilda and the children went home to settle down to a regular lifestyle.  
Dale continued to travel and minister by himself.   

Next 13 Years

Dale traveled the next 13 years by himself as he continued to preach and sing and share
the Good News of Jesus.  The first 2 years after the family went home were booked solid
and Dale was not home very much.

Gilda taught Morgan through grades 6 and 7 and then he went to public school for the
next 5 years.  Tamson and Morgan did extremely well in public school.  Academically they
did not have to put much effort into studying because they had such a terrific elementary
Tamson went to the University of NC at Chapel Hill and Morgan attend East Carolina
University.  They both did extremely well.  

After both children had finished college and had good jobs, Gilda began traveling with
Dale again.

2000 and following years

Dale and Gilda were once again a team.  They continued traveling and singing and
preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Their schedules no longer run from Sunday morn
through Friday as in the old days.   With the busy schedule and lifestyles of today it is
almost impossible to have traditional services.  They both are aging so the shortened
schedules seem to be better for them.  

They continue to serve the Lord through whatever doors open.  The ministry of
evangelism is changing and they want to be open to new ways to share the Good News.  
Dale and Gilda plan to continue the ministry as long as God leads the way.